The Basin at Waterplace Park
The Basin at Waterplace Park

Leaving work, I decided to take a slight detour and go to the hill which overlooks the Basin at Waterplace Park. It was that ‘magic hour’ which all photographers prize. The sky still had a bit of blue in it, the clouds were getting that warm, yellow-orange colour. The snow on the ground helped to lighten up the foreground. And the lights in the city started to come on. It was a perfect moment to take a photograph. Well, almost.

Standing there, my eyes could easily take in the wide panorama before me. Unfortunately, the lens on my camera was not wide enough. There was simply no way I could stand back far enough to get in the entire scene – the further back I’d go, there would be more, unwanted, elements in the foreground. And I’d also be standing in the middle of a fairly busy road. I’m sure that would not make the evening commuters happy.

So I decided to turn my camera vertically and take a series of photos, turning slightly between each shot with the intension of stitching them together with Adobe Photoshop. This is something very similar to what I did with another photo, the Citizen’s Plaza.

Photo-stitching is a wonderful trick. Another problem I see with trying to grab an panoramic image with just a wide angle lens is how the lens treats object spatially. It tends to exaggerate scale. Objects in the foreground seem closer, bigger whereas objects in the background seem smaller, hence, much further away than they really are. By using a more ‘normal’ lens, one which is closer to a standard 50mm lens on a 35mm camera, the perspective is more real, distance is not exaggerated. By stitching together several ┬áimages with a standard lens, a more realistic panorama image can be made.

The Basin at Waterplace Park
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